All Class Mods Borderlands 2

all Class Mods Borderlands 2

, even if no points are invested in the skill. Burn, Baby, Burn, blister - Grenade Cap 6, Kill Skill Duration xx, fuel The Blood, blood Overdrive. Killer Hyperion Team critical damage. Wreck (Scheming) Ward (Guarded) Recompense (Rebounding) Witch Maliwan Corrode chance. Maliwan, shock damage resist. Impact (Impact onslaught (Assault battlefront (Front Line assault rifle gun damage. Lay Waste (Unhinged) 5 Shots, or 6 (Lucky) Filled to the Brim all Class Mods Borderlands 2 (Loaded) - Assassin Mods Mod Name Icon Manufacturer Characteristics Possible Skill Boost Infiltrator Dahl Fire rate Be Like Water (Graceful) 2 Unforeseen (Tricky) 3 Iron Hand (Rugged) 1 Melee damage. Class Mod skill bonuses do stack, even if a specific skill is maxxed (5/5 up to a total maximum of 11 ranks in any skill. Lay Waste (Unhinged) Last Longer (Two Gun) Yippee Ki Yay (Unstoppable) War Dog Dahl Reload Speed. A skill bonus however will not function unless the character has at least 1 point invested in the specified skill. Stern (Made of Sterner Stuff) Tenacious (Strength of 5 Gorillas) Potent (Potent as a Pony) Melee Damage. Mod Title Affected Variable Skill Bonuses Engineer Action Skill Cooldown Rate (Sentry) Sentry (Front Line) Battlefront (Efficient) Resourceful Grenadier Grenade Damage, Explosive Damage Resist (Master) Grenadier (Impact) Impact (Expert) Steady Gunner Team Fire Rate (Support) Overload (Heavy) Metal Storm (Auto) Steady. Rifleman, dahl, assault rifle magazine size. All classes gain extra health, bonus burn damage and burn chance as well as four points in five skills. Last Ditch Effort (Grisly max health.


Slayer of Terramorphous is a  Legendary Class Mod in Borderlands. Each Playable character has its own legendary Class Mod which boosts specific skills and stats for that particular Vault Hunter. U2 Legendary, class Mods now have special/passive effects similar to how vanilla legendary COMs have. In addition, this mod gives legendary skin material to all, gaiges and Kriegs, class Mods. Take a look at images to check out the special effects for every COM.

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