Cod4 Hide And Seek Server

cod4 Hide And Seek Server

legendary mod, or that once. Some object can be edited. That's why im asking if anyone may know other servers that might have. Other thread: 3:46pm May 22nd. A funny game-play, without cheaters sethc Exe Hack In Windows 7 and crying kids, where neither your FPS or your ping matters; Here you also have the time to do anything else while hiding, if you are not in the mood for chatting or flustering. The mod has changed much from the beginnings, but now it has got many beautiful ratings, articles, reputations, tutorials, and everything a mod could ever want. Hi folkz, I would like to present you one of the most fun modes in this game - Hide Seek (hns). Check out the following server - :29700, hide and Seek Community Discord: /QQs9ZZu, screenshots: g g g g, gameplay Video: m/watch? I am proud that I can develop a mod, which brings fun in the life of so many players/watchers/supporters. I used to play this on the css sever. However, besides all my efforts, I have less time to work on it due to a full-time job and the university. 11:00pm May 22nd 09 lol yea 10:33am May 23rd 09 and edited 11:20am May 23rd. The hiders can disguise as objects, and hide on the map (or they can even use seeker camouflage). So i then aquired the xfire of one of the admins of this clan, who i'm now in discussion with to see if we can get. The first player connecting to the server will be the seeker, and at the beginning of each further round hearthstone Mods For Ipad the last hider of the previous round will. I said that kinda stuff goes a bit above me, so i'd report back to CG admins/rest of the community, and find out what you guys wanna. Views: 30,843 3:38pm May 22nd 09 this has already been posted up, there are only two euro servers that have it on, it's called "props mod" the problem is you can't join either of the servers as it only allows people under 150 ping.
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  • Update: I've since found out, the clan reponsible for making the mod based in the UK, aren't giving it away to anyone really, as they're aparently quite protective of their mods. Someone setup a server already 5:12pm May 22nd 09 r0f 6:14pm May 22nd 09 killz is a tool:D 6:29pm May 22nd. 10:17pm May 22nd 09 tried that link already from other topic, it just links to more sites that make you buy an account golf Gta V Mod with them to download. Basically its all about hiding or seeking the hiders. 10:49pm May 22nd 09, got a guy off Tek9 throwing me contact details of the guy who made the mod.
  • Many exciting challenges! Since then, I have got tons of help by regular players, and now I want to say thanks for everyone, who helped this mod reach what it has reached. Just a matter of wether they wanna host it or not, But i would image with a bit of publicity alot of poeple will give it a shot.
  • Cod4 Hide And Seek Server

cod4 Hide And Seek Server
  1. CoD4 hide and seek server : Call of Duty 4: Modern
  2. The first player connecting to the server will be the seeker, and at the beginning of each further round the. SuperSniperGuy s CoD4 Servers. Everyone is welcome, so bring your friends. Hide and Seek (props mod).
  3. Watch famousr SeaNanners and his friends have fun on our Hide And Seek server. In another video SeaNanners and friends run around as snowmen, bringing joy and laughter for Christmas. Browse Hide n Seek (Prop Hunt) Mod for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare files to download full releases, installer, sdk, patches, mods, demos, and media. Detailed server information, custom banners, vote page accurate statistics.
  4. And many more! Thanks for that link tho 4:37pm May 22nd 09, should setup a CG Dedicated site for it 4:57pm May 22nd 09, this mod would be massive luls. For example, from level 40, you can knife the seekers as a hider!
  5. Or they might have a site i can go to in order to. But certainly it's not all, here is a short list of the main features: - You can choose from many models as a hider, which are different on every map to fit the environment! HNS server can run, which is basically never empty.
  6. He's requesting to use a 'secure game server rental service he's suggested. You may not believe how much work is done in a simple mod like this by the community, like translating all the 379 strings per language, making the challenge icons, reporting and debugging billions of bugs, looking for exploitable spots, jumps, and much more. Certainly I won't forget this mod either, I have just dropped out a new version, which contains important fixes and some exciting improvements, but I'd be glad, if a (really) experienced modder could help in sometimes.

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