Dead Island Riptide Weapons Mods Blueprints Locations

dead Island Riptide Weapons Mods Blueprints Locations

Of Clans Pc Butcher. I'm not kidding, you'll hit a guy with this and he will be spilling blood as if shot with a shotgun." Found in Moresby in Stan Dart's House during "Grasp All, Lose All." It is on a small table near the couch. Deo-Bomb Main article: Deo-Bomb "Combine together a couple of deodorants in the way I described and you will have in your hands a homemade bomb. However, Logan's Boomerang skill will allow him to recover the knife without removing the explosive from the enemy, effectively duplicating the weapon. Found on Helen's desk during the quest Sacred Silence in Act. Watch out for shrapnel!" Found in the Resort map, on the beach, beside a lawn chair, half way between the two entrances to the Diamond Bungalows. Can be used to modify the Short Shotgun, Shotgun and the Crowd Pleaser. In the hands of a strong enough person it makes for a truly destructive weapon. (There is a portal on the map and a survivor to rescue, who also gives you 30 pistol ammo.) The mod blueprint is on a table inside the bunker. You'll come across this on your way to the cinema for the quest City Newcomer. This Mod is also available in Ryder White's Campaign, you can find it soon after the helicopter crash in Queenscliffe, in plain sight, inside a metal box on the upper levels where you have to jump from ledge. Bring her 3 rolls of insulating tape. Shock Shotgun Mod On top of a crate in the terrace of Villa Henderson. Pride Shotgun Mod, main article: Pride Shotgun Mod "If you want to make your shotgun even more effective, carefully read the instructions I prepared below.".
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  • It is located in the first room the guard sends you. Diamond Edge Mod, inside the Crossroads Bungalow/ Zimakani Rest. Attach batteries here, put some additional weight there you'll find the details below. Plus, it's always an additional source of light for the darkest hour." The Torch Mod will set your melee weapon on fire, making it deal more damage and possibly set zombies ablaze. Below you'll find a simple way to make final Fantasy Brave Exvius Friend Points Cheat one.
  • Check it for yourself." Found in Moresby, in the electronics shop where you collect the transformer and some cable for Carl in the quest Radio. Enter the door and take the first door on the left. I advise you to be cautious while using - it can cause serious burns." Found in Moresby in front of the Police Station, on a desk, beside the fence. Short-Circuit Mod Found in the workshop south of the marina. The recipe requires 2 metal scrap and 1 bleach.
  • Dead Island Riptide Blueprints Weapon Mods Locations Guide

dead Island Riptide Weapons Mods Blueprints Locations
Saw Disc Axe Mod Main article: Saw Disc Axe Mod "Follow my instructions carefully. Found inside the avakin Life Money Glitch Game knocked over podium in the City Hall inner courtyard, after you return from the Supermarket. Locations: This mod is found in Act III, after you killed Afran, on the table before you get onto the boat. Bring her 6 Steel rods. Detox Rifle / Shotgun Mod, the NPC Alex, outside of Geoffrey Nape's warehouse west of the city will sell these to you after rescuing him.
  1. River Village in the, jungle. Just follow the instructions below and you will have a chance to put holes in many human flesh mongers.". Blueprints are used to build items. This is during the main quest. This mod was introduced in Dead Island ' s Patch.3.1.
  2. Thank you for printing this page from. Try it out yourself." The mod is on a table in the Bloodbath Arena Lobby. Shredder Mod Main article: Shredder Mod "Below I described how to turn a regular baseball bat into a small, handy sawmill.
  3. It can be applied to a much larger range of weapons, from baseball bats, to sticks to knuckledusters. Dead Island, iI at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Di riptide map. Don t forget to add the blueprint s location on the Interactive Map!
  4. This mod is obtained from Mother Helen after finishing the quest "Drop by Drop". As God is my witness, I wished you didn't have to use that toy but it's out of my hands. The meat attracts zombies when thrown, moments before exploding.
dead Island Riptide Weapons Mods Blueprints Locations Mod Heavy, mod High Voltage, mod Hooligan, gun Mod Hooligan Rifle. Mod Hooligan Shotgun, mod. Mods are used to upgrade weapons in, dead Island. There are multiple blueprints throughout the game which the player can obtain to modify existing weapons. Main article: Pride, gun Mod. Was found while completing a side quest spy Cheating Apps For Iphone Heroes and Villains. Nuts and Bolts Mod, on the back of a car, located on an island with a caravan and a campsite, just north of the Abandoned Bungalow (Deadzone) near Paradise Village. Even if the target is not killed, the player is given an opportunity to perform an instant stomp kill while the enemy is recovering. Glazed Mod, main article: Glazed Mod "The idea is straight like the piece of stick you'll wrap the rag around. If not, get one, a sledgehammer (and some other things) and assemble them all together.

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