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202 deactivated light below it, just jump east onto a ledge, turn around, and jump onto the electrical box from there. Objective Reward For stopping the production of Neon XP 1500 For sabotaging the current batch of Neon XP Now that youve completed "SM00: Neon Lights", during which you traveled through northern Prague a good bit. Has in offer: HypoStims, basic weapons and holosight/silencer. Important Items in this Area, neon Keycard 33 Hlavni, apartment 202. Crawl back down the vent into the storage shed and hack the northern sheds Keypad cODE : 2913) (Security Rating: 2) or smash through a weak wall in the southern shed. From the ledge behind (east of) the turret that guards the entrance to the lab turn east to find a rather large, obvious sliding door. Apartment complex, the bodyguards here will get cross if you steal things in plain sight, but you can easily enter the bedroom, close the door and nab whatever you want. Hack they Keypad locking the door ( code : 0311) (Security Rating: 5) and youll notice immediately that theres a turret at the other side of this gate and rest assured, it will make quick work of you should it notice you. Youll need to take the subway to a different part of Prague and return again to have the apartment cleaned so do that now and return here. Like Tars shop in the Zelen. Objective, reward, for finding out about the rave. Once in cover, look out to the east to spot a patrolling guard on a ledge. Neon Nights - Area where you can find the pocket secretary. XP 750, when you enter apartment 202 again after returning from the subway you will discover that its taken on a whole new look and that everything is clean. Failing that, just wait until its not looking and head into the room, as theres plenty of depressions in the floor you can use to hide from the turret, not to mention various objects you can use as cover. Grab a Credit Chip off the table, then turn around and grab a Stem Processor Chip and a unit of Stealth Software.

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If you remember, this path was blocked up when you came here earlier, but fortunately the path has been cleared specifically or the purposes of this quest. Hack a Keypad near them (Security Rating: 1) and enter the door it locks. Prague, prague TF29 Floor 1, IT Support Area 5545. None, thats how many. In the western one (Security Rating: 2) youll find some Crafting Parts, a Gyroscopic Regulator and a 10mm Pistol, while in the eastern one (Security Rating: 2) youll find a Credit Chip, a 10mm Pistol and some. This secluded area isnt much of a rave truth be told, youll not even find many people here so you may as well put away your dancing shoes. Next to the shower you'll find socket for biocell - put it in to unlock secret passage behind the shower wall (some granades, mines, ammunation). To escape the house, use Remote Hacking on deus Ex Code Apartment 202 the blinders, or just access the house.I. Anyways, theres not much here to do save grab the eBook "Ruzickas Vision for the Future" off a round red table. Code to the north garage: 2913; to south garage: 4227. Use Remote Hacking to deploy an awning, then jump up. Apartment 202 - You can use the keypad (security 2) or enter through a window. Via the terminal and pick the "Security" option. Anton Suchaneks Apartment Save before you enter, because once you do, the houses security will lock you in and youll hear an automated voice issue a challenge.


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Since hacking requires patience and always involves the risk of things getting messy, it is safe to rely on using codes to gain access to these areas. The apartment detailed in the email from earlier is # 202 and can be found on the first floor of this complex, to your left. Afterwards hell mention Breach Software, and simply put, hes the guy you can sell your Breach Software to - which youll do automatically by talking to him. Checking Out the Men in Charge - Miller's apartment. In the bathroom you can find a HypoStim Injector, while the kitchen drawers will surrender a a Hydraulic Micropump and some Crafting Parts, along with a bit of alcohol. Anyways, pass by an exterminators shop (the roaches on the exterior give the place left 4 Dead Graphics Mod away - and are terribly tacky) and continue along the road until you reach a cross-walk. Although theres not many items of note here besides the abundance of alcohol, there are two items that will aid you in your search for the Neon suppliers.
  1. Time to explore this place more thoroughly. Do so and when youre back on the road again head east, south-east along a building with an "hmfc" sign. First you can head south, then drop onto a lower ledge to the west. Computer stands close by - 2 emails (2913).
  2. Deus Ex, mankind Divided. The walkthrough contains information how to reach the rave, how to find the Dvalich laboratory, and how to stop the production of the drug Neon. The apartment detailed in the email from earlier is # 202 and can be found on the first floor of this complex, to your left.
  3. There are two ways you can approach entering this apartment, using remote hacking on the shutters on the window or by hacking the door (Security Rating: 2). Youve already plundering apartment 202, so skip it and head upstairs to apartment 203, where youll find an arms dealer named Mikael. Hell sail a few weapon mods and weapons, but the latter you should either already have or you will have soon - no need to spend money on them. Of course, if you happen to need ammo, this is the place. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Key, codes are required by Adam in order to gain access to locked doors, security panels, electronic locks, and terminals.
  4. The apartment 's security system will detect an intruder and call the police - you can avoid the policemen or eliminate them. Vent shaft with sensor in restricted area. Its up to you to decide if its worth a Multi-Tool or not, but theres no secret way in, otherwise.
deus Ex Code Apartment 202


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Hacking in Mankind Divided is obviously one major. Apartment 202 - You can use the keypad (security 2) or enter a ventilation shaft in apartment 203. The apartment s security system will detect an intruder and call the police - you can avoid the policemen or eliminate them. Pocket secretaries in the basement and by the corpse on the upper floor. Apartments (stylized as N 33 also known as modern apartment, is an apartment complex in ist tvr, one of the districts of Prague.

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