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basement of the shack, on the table with the chemistry equipment. Maybe not so much on people." You will get 28 experience points each time you do this, and it can be repeated as many times as desired. Ditemhealthpercent base_id amount quality add item to your inventory, with a specified condition. Upgrade: Hoover Dam help or Tesla Armor as a gift when you complete the quest. Mormon Fort: In Old Mormon Fort, inside the same tower as Julie Farkas' office, on top of a wooden bookcase. Missile Launcher - Annabelle: In Black Rock Mountain, carried by the Nightkin Sniper on Black Rock Summit, whom you must kill to get. Player's current faction 1b2a4 Boomers 000ffae8 Brotherhood of Steel 0011e662 Caesar's Legion 000f43dd Followers of the Apocalypse 00124ad1 Great Khans 0011989b Powder Gangers 001558e6 NCR 000f43de White Glove Society 00116f16 removefromfaction factionID Similar to the addtofaction command, insert. The Spacesuit gives a good amount of RAD resistance, but has a low DT and breaks easily. Caravan Card locations Search the indicated locations to find all Caravan Cards and people to play the card game against: Ambassador Dennis Crocker: In NCR Embassy, play or take. Keep selecting that option to get 35 XP each time. Note : If a player wishes to obtain an idolized reputation with any faction, they must both increase fame value to 90 and reduce infamy value to below. Inside the Nipton General Store is an NPC named "Boxcar". This time you do not need to give them anything; simply choose the "Never mind" option. Note: This is best done after getting the perk that allows for over encumbered fast travel.


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Up and Comer: Reach 20th level. Perk: Search and Mark allows you to find unequipped chems, firearms, and ammunition within a short distance as well as other items such as hidden safes and hollow rocks while you are using the binoculars. When you are done, talk to the sergeant to complete the quest or talk to O'Hanran and ask about the squad. Stim-ply Amazing: Heal 10,000 points of damage with Stimpaks. So, for example, to add a non-player character to your own character's faction as a friend, you would first click on them and then enter addtofaction 1b2a4. Easy stealing Find a place to hide that is out of the line of sight of all clash Royale Online Hack Without Human Verification surrounding NPC's, and save the game. Use with caution, as some quest-essential NPCs you can't see directly may also be killed. See Fallout 3 console commands for the list. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull reference Go south on the road out of Goodsprings. Caqs Completes every objective in every quest it's possible to receive in the game, essentially removing quests so you can wander without objectives.

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