Garry's Mod E2

garry's Mod E2

: All my garry s mod E2s Expression 2 wiremod/wire Wiki GitHub Wire Expression2:Examples - GMod Wiki Reloads all E2 extensions, useful for debugging your own extensions. Keep in mind that client-side files will be taken from gmod s cache in multi-player mode. Wire_expression2_debug 0/1 Toggles debug mode, which shows info that might be useful for the developers. You need to do after changing for this to have any effect. Jump to: navigation, search. This section is for example expressions. Introduction to E2 Garry s Mod Tutorials To make this section as useful as possible, please try to keep your examples simple and targeted to specific areas of Expression. For instance, a good example would show you how to make a basic GPS using Expression 2 s vectors. Use lua tags for your. Introduction to Expression 2 By: Win-Zip Note: This is a very basic Expression 2 guide for players just starting out with.

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If no ID is specified, this gets the entity of the expression chip in which this line is written. E:vehicle Returns the entity of the vehicle that the specified player is in E:lockPod(N) 1 locks and garry's Mod E2 0 unlocks vehicle E:ejectPod Ejects player in vehicle E:killPod Kills player in vehicle E:weapon Returns the weapon that player E is currently. Hud Indicator with World and Vector checkboxes checked and the dropdown set to "-1 to 1" #Wire to XHvec #Movement constants. extension Enables the specified extension. Console Variables Function Default Description wire_expression2_http_delay 3 Allows you to set the delay between the last request and the new one, in seconds. Common These functions affect variables indexed by both strings and numbers. This is Expression 2's editor. FileLoaded Returns whether a file has been uploaded and can now be read. Shared means that any E2 can access the globals, not only your own.
garry's Mod E2
This will only contain the very basics. All images can be clicked to be enlarged. First off, if you don t have Wire Mod, you can find information on how to install it here.
garry's Mod E2


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Behavior is undefined for codes For Shell Shockersio vectors/angles/matrices and similar types. T:insert N Inserts the variable at the specified position. The only operators available for entities are equal and not equal. Here is an example: C - B A, multiplication. You can create secondary AI systems responding to wire by telling NPCs how to feel about certain things, where to go, etc.

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