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asks you to print out or keep your backup codes, don't skip. Sign in again with your Sony PS credentials, click Edit (it's next to the Status field enter your phone number, then enter the code Sony texts to that same number. It's not very secure, but force A Game To Run In Windowed Mode still better than a password-only approach. However, it does provide backup codes for you to save for later. Other options include the use of a USB or NFC security key, if you've got one. Related Communities, moderators u/Greypo Australia u/exoendo u/Jakeable Antarctica u/MeghanAM Massachusetts u/JoyousCacophony u/hansjens47 u/Qu1nlan California u/english06 Kentucky u/samplebitch America u/optimalg The Netherlands View All Moderators. There is no option for using an authenticator app. Instead, it provides a 32-digit code for you to copyby hand. Reddit Two-Factor Authentication Reddit said in 2018 that 2FA was its users' most requested feature, and now it's here. Kickstarter doesn't offer app passwords or backup codes, but that generally indicates they're not really needed. There you can select the phone numbers that can receive codes, switch to using an authenticator app, and access 10 unused codes that can be printed to take with you for emergencies (such as if your phone dies and. Snapchat Two-Factor Authentication Snapchat is a mobile-only service, so the only way to set up 2FA is via the mobile app. Twitter can generate backup codes for when you lose a device, and temporary passwords to use one time when logging in at times you also can't get a regular 2FA code. PayPal 2-Step Verification As a service dedicated to making payments, it's best that PayPal be as secure as possible. Out of date: Not published within the last month.

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FanSided has exploded in popularity in an era where people are using technology to connect, making it easy for fans to digest the content they want, when they want it across all of their favorite verticals. Open up m on the desktop, click the Accounts Lists drop-down menu and go how To Improve Fps Fallout 4 With Mods to Your Account. You'll have to answer two of your three pre-set security questions and re-confirm your credit card on the account to get into the setup. Our thought-leading content creators belong to the fandoms they cover, giving our sites the best team-specific, sport-specific, genre-specific, and fanbase-specific coverage possible.

Re-enter the password, give them your mobile phone number, and tap "send code." Enter the six-digit code you get via SMS text and you're set. Top About the Author. Dropbox provides excellent instructions. But don't offer yourself up to the Many Faced God just yet - flash Element Td 2 Hacked Games we've discovered a trick that will let you watch the whole thing on Foxtel for free.

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Explore this vast open world to unravel the mystery. Apr 15, 2019 Foxtel, hack : Watch Game Of Thrones free With This Trick. Subscribing to Foxtel is an expense that many Aussies can't afford. Which is a bit. May 17, 2019 Cord cutters have more choices than just Netflix and Hulu.

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