Life Is Strange Take The Money

life Is Strange Take The Money

David Consequences: Chapter 3 David thanks Max for her help. While walking through the destroyed town, you either save the trapped trucker, or ignored him. Frank beats up a truck driver at the beach. But manyrs just stole the money without thinking. When luring the dog from the RV, you can toss the bone in the parking lot and save the dog, or onto the road and kill him. When in Chloe's garage, while taking one of the Optional Photos, you can put the board back to cover the nest, or leave it exposed. Chapter 4, chloe will be aggressive towards Max. Chloe is angry with Max. The exact wording of the message will depend on whether Max accepted his invitation in Chapter. Chapter 4, chloe will be surprised when Max hugs her on the next morning. Chapter 4 David will work at the garage and he will be nice to Max while talking to her. Choice: take THE blame, consequences: Chapter 1: You will start arguing with the principal, Chloe is expelled from school, Rachel can participate in the play. During the nightmare, there is a scene in which Max and Chloe kiss. Take THE blame ) with him or you let go and don't protect Rachel (.
  • What are consequence if I take the money?
  • Money is about your personal needs, you can earn that money for Chloe with a job, only time matters here. Btw, watch Chronicle movie, plot is all about choices as a teenager hero The Thing is, if the money would be dirty I would take it for sure. But I don t quite know what consequences it would have if I would take. Max notes that it is quite a lot of money for the handicapped fund.
  • Odd that there would be so much money just left in an envelope in the desk. It struck me as suspicious. Though it could be for the handicapped fund, I have a feeling that label was to throw people off and disguise the bribe. Chloe did not take the money, so there will be no delays. Max can only say that they do not have the money and only one bad answer that will make Frank angry is enough to make him attack.
  • Life Is Strange Take The Money
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life Is Strange Take The Money

Should I steal

During the conversation with Frank, you can start a fight with him, by making him angry twice. You must decide whether you start arguing (. If Max hadn't let Warren beat up Nathan, Frank will not die during the fight. Chloe will take David's gun after the fight. You warned David and helped him enough during the fight to avoid him getting scarred, or you failed to and he got injured. Consequences: Chapter 3, the envelope does not appear rainbow Six Siege Hackers Are Back in Chloe's room on the next day. Stop Warren, or let him continue to beat up Nathan in the dorms. Episode 4: Dark Room edit Refuse or accept to help Chloe die in the alternate reality. While in the school, you can alter the Vortex Club party list to put yourself. life Is Strange Take The Money The Principal in Max s nightmares does not mention the money. My issue with stealing the money isn t the morality of it, it just seems like a dumb move because when the money goes missing it s just gonna send the Principal on a warpath, that s way. Life, is, strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 Brave New World Decisions, choices, results. It happens in the dormitory, where you and Mikey are waiting in the closed room. You must decide whether you give money to the dealer (give damon THE.

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